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How To Behave After Rejection

All questions about how to behave after rejection were answered in a practical and usable way.

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It’s entirely different whether you want to be with someone who has never shown interest in you—thus rejecting you—or someone who has shown interest in you but still rejects you.

We put the people who rejected you into three categories:

1. They showed romantic interest in you but rejected you In this case, forgiveness might be possible upon sincere redemption efforts, considering they misled you. The reason for forgiving them could be that something may have changed in the meantime (an ex-partner returned, or you had a misstep, etc.).

2. They showed romantic interest in you, rejected you, and continue to show interest – You’re dealing with a selfish and immature person who’s playing games and is only concerned about their own interests. You don’t want to be in any kind of relationship with such a person.

3. They didn’t show romantic interest in you and rejected you – I recommend acknowledging your mistake and continuing to communicate with that person once you’ve recovered from an ego injury. The communication/friendship may never be the same, but the person acted decently and didn’t do anything wrong to you. However, they also stated that you don’t meet their relationship criteria, so you don’t have to invest too much energy in that friendship (or, please, don’t justify and fix things) if you’re seeking a romantic relationship.

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Did I mention that if you’re looking for a romantic relationship, you should focus a significant amount of energy on it until you find it? And invest less energy in friendships. Indeed, we have limited energy in life, so it’s wise to be mindful of where we direct it.

Furthermore, I’m not saying you should end your friendships; rather, you should actively work on finding someone for yourself and spend less time endlessly socializing.

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Should I avoid someone who rejects me?

If you stick around someone who rejected you, they’re practically telling you constantly that you’re not good enough for them, which can be painful for your ego.

Whether it hurts your ego depends on you.

For people who are confident in themselves, someone’s rejection won’t shake their ego. They understand that someone’s rejection says nothing about them but rather about the other person’s preferences.

However, if you’re not 100 percent confident in yourself, rejection can be painful. So, it is not advisable to expose yourself to someone who has hurt you.

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Therefore, my recommendation is:
If you believe you’re great and someone’s rejection hasn’t affected your ego, you can expose yourself to that person (here, it obviously raises the question of whether you want to. Do you want to stay in any kind of contact with someone who already doesn’t see your value? I leave it up to you to answer that question for yourself).
If your ego is hurt, don’t stay in contact with that person. There’s no point in torturing yourself like that. Not only has the person rejected you, but you’re also participating by pretending it’s okay.

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How do you stop being friends with someone who rejected you?

Try to do it discreetly. Why? Because if you do it abruptly and noticeably, it will be evident that you’re hurt and not handling the rejection well. Our goal here is to distance ourselves, (because there’s no point in exposing yourself to someone who doesn’t see your value. Why participate in self-inflicted pain?), but also to simultaneously improve your self-image.

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Therefore, I recommend withdrawing from that friendship with many benign excuses. I don’t have time to hang out today, I have a lot of work, etc. until that friendship dissipates.

This way, you don’t give the impression that you’re angry or hurt (so you’re handling rejection well). But you clearly show that you no longer care about that person, and most importantly, you won’t be friends with someone who doesn’t see your value.

I mentioned specific recommendations earlier on when to remain friends with someone, but you also have the text “Should I be friends with someone who rejected me?” below, so read that too.

However, the general recommendation is not to show anger, nervousness, or resentment but to have plenty of excuses for why you no longer see that person.

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Should you unfollow someone who rejected you?

It depends on how much their presence on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok hurts you.

  • If the person is doing something that hurts you (for example, you wanted a romantic relationship with them, and they have a new partner), then it’s not a bad idea to unfollow them.
  • If you’re indifferent to what they’re doing, then continue to follow them (of course, if they follow you back, because reciprocity in all relationships is essential).
  • If you continue to follow each other, remember that it’s a great opportunity to show that person how valuable you are, or maybe even exceptional. Social media is, among other things, a way to improve our image.
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The general recommendation is to continue following that person only if it won’t hurt you, because there’s no point in hurting yourself. If every time you get annoyed or hurt by something you see that person doing, you willingly participate in it, that’s obvious masochism.

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What not to do after rejection?

  • Don’t stay there. End that meeting in 15 minutes. There’s no need to prove yourself a hero. You won’t achieve anything by prolonging that meeting.
  • Don’t negotiate with that person to change their mind. No one can persuade anyone to do something they don’t want to.
  • Don’t show any signs of despair. Desperate people are not attractive, but repellent.
  • You must not get angry. By doing so, you’ll prove to the person that they were right to reject you, and we certainly don’t want that.
  • Of course, don’t insult them or show passive aggression or any negative emotions directed towards that person.
  • But don’t show negative emotions towards yourself either. Don’t pity yourself or say anything negative about yourself.

What should I do after rejection?

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Should I talk to someone who rejected me?

It’s not about whether you can talk (of course, you can), but it’s about how you speak.

After someone has rejected you, they’ve essentially told you that you’re not something they want… specifically, they don’t want all of you. Essentially, one negative characteristic (or more) overshadows all your positive traits.

Therefore, having too many conversations with that person doesn’t make sense. Because you’re talking to someone who doesn’t see you positively. Of course, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you, but let’s say they see you as a lesser figure.

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Should I ask someone who rejected me why it happened?

Only if you really need that information and if you’ll use it in some way.

If you’re asking that person just to ask something, don’t do it to yourself. It’s just unnecessary self-harm and giving that person another chance to confirm that they did the right thing (don’t forget: when they’re talking to you, they’re also talking to themselves).

Should I be friends with someone who rejected me?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the text:

Option 1. You were already friends, and the person didn’t seduce you, and they’re genuinely quality friends; stay friends with them.

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Option 2. You were already friends, but the person seduced you and then rejected you – you don’t want to stay friends with such a person. That’s not friendship, but selfishness. However, if they admit what they did, apologize, and maybe try to make amends, then you can cautiously return to that friendship.

Option 3. You’ve never been friends. Considering that you already saw that person as something more and wanted more. If you agree to be friends with them, you’re sending yourself a message that you’re settling for less. And this is not a good message to send yourself. Also, since you’ve never been friends before, you don’t know if that person has the qualities for a good friendship, so you don’t have to try to build it with them.

Should I ignore the person who rejected me?

You shouldn’t ignore that person, but actively avoid having conversations with them. Let’s say you treat them as someone you don’t find sympathetic, but still keep them in your life out of politeness. Give that girl as much attention as you would give to that person. Also, your responses should be identical to what you would give to that person.

How do you treat a girl who rejects you?

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Put her in a secondary place. This way, you’ll show that girl that you value yourself and that she made a mistake about you. Also, don’t forget that girls like guys who have dignity and are proud, so this is even a way to maybe appeal to that girl. Women love men whom they have to respect (not fear them, but respect them), so if you show that you respect yourself – she will respect you, too.

Therefore, it’s best to put that girl in a secondary place and show her that you’re valuable. You don’t settle for less (crumbs).

I hope that these answers are useful to you and that you will put them into practice. Dee

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