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How To Make a Man Fall In Love With You

This strategy is applicable in general, when we want people to like us.

Man and woman in love

One of my clients has had incredible success with people, especially men. They quickly like her, fall in love with her, and insist on seeing her again. Many of them even wanted a long-term relationship with her, marriage, etc. I asked her, of course, how so many men want to be in a relationship with her, and she said, “I don’t know. I think it’s because I’m interested in their stories.”

Throughout our conversation, she described how she behaved in various encounters. And it’s entirely clear why people enjoy her company.

She listens with immense interest to the stories these people/men share with her. Not only that, but she also actively engages in the conversation and supports their interests.

  • Old wisdom says: When someone tells you they want to be a ninja turtle, don’t say they’re crazy. Ask: Which one? Raphael or Donatello? 😊.
A beautiful woman walking

Her appearance and femininity are a bonus, but the feeling she creates in men is invaluable.

She makes people around her think that their ideas are good and interesting. She makes people feel respected and good conversationalists. Immediately, she makes the people next to her have a good opinion of herself. That they are interesting, smart, and eloquent… The bottom line is that people next to her feel like they are better than they think about themselves.

Psychologically Proven Qualities That Make You Instantly Likeable | 1.

To be liked by others is our survival mechanism

We all have survival mechanisms, and everyone has practiced some. But one of the first, developed in early childhood (which means it stays with us forever), is to be likeable and approved by others. Approval and disapproval are actually the main reasons why rejection is difficult for us.

  • According to Freud, people who engage in socially undesirable behaviors actually wish to die (death wish).

If others want us, we are safe, so to speak. And that’s why we develop some mechanisms and do some things that are socially acceptable and desirable.


When our interests align with the acceptance of other people, we feel good on a very deep, primal level. And if someone even admires or decides to participate in our interests, then we’ve really hit the jackpot.

Of course, things are not as simple as they seem because, if they were, we would only like those who adore and appreciate us. But that’s another topic. The essence is that if you want to win over or increase your chances with a man (or people), it would be good to show interest in his or their interests. If a man feels that he is interesting to you, he can fall in love with you.

People enjoy the company of other smart, beautiful, interesting, good, etc. people. But it is the overriding human nature for them to be desired and recognized.

How a man communicates with a man

Friends are talking

Men naturally have fewer emotional connections, and their friendships often revolve around entertainment or work, with less focus on their essence and interests.

They might be interested in each other’s hobbies or interests on a surface level, but I hardly know a man whose friends would say, ‘Ah, you’re into fishing. Tell me about it. Why fishing? What exactly do you enjoy about it? How do you feel while fishing?’ Men usually take two rods, go to cast the line, and remain silent or in their thoughts.

Women talk about how they felt when they met someone, when the boss was unpleasant, when they dressed nicely, etc. Women often fulfill this need for each other to talk about their desires, passions, needs, plans, ideas, etc.

Attractive man sitting

Men rarely get the chance to discuss their passions through emotions.

And let’s not forget: these are passions. It’s something that’s been thought about and dealt with. It’s something he can’t wait to both do and tell someone about. And, of course, these are different things for each person.

So, to increase your chances with men to some extent (and to make him fall in love with you), you should perk up your ears and listen carefully to what he wants to talk about. But, as we said, passive listening isn’t very attractive. Actively enjoying what the person in front of you has to say is much better. That would involve asking questions and perhaps participating, if there’s a way.

  • For example, on one occasion, my client bought the jersey of her boyfriends favorite team at a street stall during the World Cup and went to a bar to cheer his team on with it. It wasn’t her team, but she made a cute move by showing up in that jersey. Another time, she persuaded a guy to teach her how to play one of his video games.
  • And no. She didn’t do any of this just for the purpose of seducing that man. She is generally a curious person who wants to learn and is full of enthusiasm for life. That’s why her actions and interest in other people’s passions are sincere.

What I want to say is:

Even if you’re not interested at all in what he is talking about, you can squeeze out basic politeness from yourself. Just listen and ask questions. Your questions should be logical, and it’s enough to follow common sense.

Such as: I don’t know anything about this. Please explain it to me, or you can ask a bunch of sub-questions. And there, you have yourself a good conversation! You’ve learned something, he enjoyed expressing himself and his expertise, and you’ve connected on a more intimate level. Congratulations!

A beautiful woman sitting and thinking how to make a man fall in love with her

And there’s no person who doesn’t want to be recognized, respected, or an expert in something and doesn’t want someone to talk to about their passions.

Talking is also free, so if you’re interested in someone’s topic, they have the opportunity to give you their expertise for such a small investment. And isn’t that a winning combination?

We connect with people through various connections. One way to connect is through taking an interest in their lives. And now I know some women will say, “Why doesn’t he engage in my interests? Why do I always have to engage in his?” Obviously, you don’t have to, and this post possibly isn’t for those asking that question.

You can and have the right to do whatever you want. But this is a way to connect with someone and become unusually interesting to them. Besides, I’m not convincing anyone of anything; I just know that this will be helpful to some people.

Man and woman are laughing

In essence, there is no stronger connection with someone than when you engage with their emotions and show them how interesting and valuable they are.

And if you practice what I suggested in this post, you might easily become the object of admiration or deep affection for many guys.

As I said, women have girlfriends to talk extensively about set topics. Men often lack someone to engage in a genuinely interested conversation about their emotions, feelings, deep thoughts, passions, etc. And that can seriously connect you with them.

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You can put yourself in the friend zone

This is obviously solved by not exclusively working on this side of yourself (to become a good conversationalist). But also on your femininity, sexiness, education, and eloquence, as well as other qualities that are recognized as feminine. If you possess these qualities + if you are a good conversationalist, you will become irresistible.

  • This does not necessarily mean that men will necessarily choose you for themselves, but this way you increase your chances.

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You can be liked by guys you won’t want later

Man and woman are talking

Since men often lack this kind of interlocutor, you could become irreplaceable in their lives. A man can connect with you on a deep, natural level. In that case, I hope that if you don’t already want him, you’ll treat him with respect and honestly explain how things are. And even offer to get out of his life, if that situation is unbearable for him.

You can look silly

If you do this in an aggressive way, you can look silly and pushy. A measure is needed in this. Never forget, the female energy is more patient and calm, so if you are curious in a nice way, you could email your target. Of course, the ideal approach depends on what kind of man you have in front of you, but with this combination (calm curiosity), you will not go wrong.

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In any case, develop the skill of friendly listening, good conversation, small applause, support, and interest in his interests, and it can bring you a nice connection. Of course, once again, with all that, be beautiful, practice becoming attractive, educate yourself, and take care of yourself. Be diligent, be a cooperative person, and don’t forget sex appeal… and no one will be your equal, and you’ll be able to choose whichever guy you like.

What are the qualities of a good partner?

I hope you find this useful.

Love you. Dee

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