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The Best Way To Make Someone Regret Leaving You

The best way to make someone regret leaving you is for you to live the best possible life you can and be as successful as you can be. This is a natural need related to our evolutionary psychology.

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To understand this well, let me describe a typical person throughout the history of humanity.

Imagine them having one desperate (weak, slow, unwilling to take action) colleague for coexistence in the tribe and one leader (strong, proactive, brave, in good spirits).

In the short term, our leader might help this desperate one. However, in the long run, they understand that only this leader can bring valuable things into their lives. Only people who are doing well and successful can benefit. Their nature will opt for someone good.

  • Although people like to think that something is happening within us at the level of current situations, reason, or personal, rational assessment, this is not true. Primarily, forces of nature, evolution, survival, and the inner world are at work in humans. We evolved precisely in this way: always looking at what we can gain from other people.
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We must be aware that if we want people in our lives, we have to give them the impression that they will be better off with us in life. They will be happy with us, have resources at their disposal, or receive something useful and necessary.

And because of that, we must know that people never go for desperate individuals. It is not an excellent strategy to get someone back. Nor is stagnation because people like you have been deemed less valuable.

By their nature, people shy away from those not doing well in life and gravitate towards those doing well.

The basic paradigm is that we can get something useful from those who are doing well. If nothing else, at least have good spirits.

If you are not sure what to do to get someone to want to be with you, you can always count on these forces of nature that govern humans to always go for those who are doing very well—for those who are more successful, happier, more satisfied, have more resources, have more power, have better access to good things, etc.

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I understand if you are unable to do anything after someone leaves you. A challenging situation occurs in a person where they must reconcile with rejection, heal ego wounds, change plans they had with that person, start all over again, regain trust in people, etc. And considering so many things to resolve, all of a person’s energy is focused on those in their inner world and pain.

And, of course, you should take some time to heal and cry. To pull yourself together and gather new energy.

However, the only way a person can be better is to improve their life. This is also the only way for someone who rejected you to want to be with you again.

Also, try to show that to that person after you have achieved some results.

  • Note: If you are with someone who is okay with you being desperate (and they are not your friend, family member, or someone very close), that is by no means a good sign.

Useful to know about human nature

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Human relationships, and therefore those that have not yet stabilized, are mainly opportunistic. People think more about themselves and what they gain than about other people.

If you are desperate in front of someone and they are there for you at that moment, it usually means one of these three things:

  • The person who enjoys your despair can be psychopathic. Psychopaths enjoy other people’s despair
  • They want you only when you are down so they can somehow use you
  • They can be easy to manipulate, because they are naive, neurotic, etc.

Please don’t take me up on that last one. It wasn’t about good people wanting to help you, it was about people wanting to be in a relationship with a desperate person.

If you are desperate and show it, and someone shows interest in you, then it is very unnatural, and you better think about who you have by your side.

It is natural for people to want partners who:

  • provide positive emotions
  • from whom they can gain something
  • with whom they will progress

What makes a person attractive, apart from looks

So forget about mourning and despair if you want to win someone back.

If you want to make someone regret leaving you, become the best version of yourself

And live your best possible life.

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Your actions are the fastest way to get someone to regret leaving you (people can, of course, return because they want to, but if you want to have some influence on that – this is your path).

No matter how sad you are that someone left you, the best thing you can do for yourself is start exercising, develop a business, start another job, earn money, and change your bad habits. It would help if you started educating yourself, traveling, and choosing good and noble things. Have fun, enrich yourself, laugh, and be optimistic. The best thing you can do for yourself is to start living a life entirely of self-love and progress.

And that’s how to make someone regret leaving you and returning to you. Because by their nature, everyone wants to be with people who are doing very well.

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As much as this is manipulation and an attempt to win back the other person, it is also the way out of the dark hole you fell into and the way to improving your life. If you go down this path, several great things will happen to your life simultaneously.

You should direct all your energy into making your life exceptional, and everyone will want to be with you.

And believe me, I know, it’s easiest for us to be average and to be wanted just like that. However, here we have a situation where you want someone who didn’t want you when you were average. With them, you’ll only have another chance if you become better than the first time, which they didn’t want.

Yes, making this happen will take some effort. However, without effort, nothing happens, and we are left to the will of others. If you sit and wait for the person to change their mind, don’t forget:

  • You do not influence the situation
  • They have already rejected you as you are
  • to want you again, you need to bet on the forces of human nature

Be more advanced. By doing something, you’ll be seen and attractive to the other person.

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So do something from the proposals above, or do them all. Any of this will bring you to a better place in a year and, after five years, to an unexpectedly good place.

Anything from this will redirect that person’s attention to you again as soon as they first meet you or see how much you have progressed.

People tend not to like to lose something they had before, especially if it has improved.

Also, I predict that you will no longer want that person with whom you were a logical pair when you were old and not so exceptional.

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