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What Type Of Men Do Women Want?

And how to become such a man

I’ll give you some scientifically supported practical suggestions on what you should do to become more sexually attractive to women.

Black man; what type of men do women want

Okay, today we’re talking about what type of men women prefer when choosing a man for a sexual encounter.

Also, I must mention that for long-term relationships, women have entirely different rules for the type of men than for short-term sexual relationships. Still, here we’re only discussing how to do things to make women choose you as a sexual partner.

Women want to bear children with intelligent men

Which is entirely closely related to sex in female psychology.

In essence, being pregnant has a high cost for women (it certainly has throughout human history), so a caution is built into female nature that then affects female sexuality. Just as it is part of male nature to sleep with as many women as possible to pass on genes before perishing.

Therefore, women will choose intelligent men as sexual partners. Primarily because they will help the survival of both her and the child. How successful, capable, resourceful, wealthy, high in status, and so forth a man is determines his intelligence.

Man and woman in love

In short, women will prefer intelligent men because they have greater access to the resources needed for them and their offspring.

However, the ‘minimal’ amount of status and necessary resources will vary drastically from woman to woman, that is, according to their needs.

Generally, it’s been proven that the more intelligent a man is, the more likely a woman will want to see him again.

For guys, for example, looks are more important. The more attractive a woman is, the more they’ll want to see her. The background to this lies in healthy genes. We’ve already said that men want to extend their genetic material, and for that to happen, the best chances are with a healthy woman. Since health is reflected through symmetry (throughout history, sick people have been asymmetrical), symmetry is usually beautiful. Therefore, beautiful women remind us of health, which extends the species.

  • Here’s an interesting study from Columbia: men appreciated female intelligence only when it matched or was lower than their own. And they found women with greater ambitions than theirs repulsive. That’s why ambitious female students hid their aspirations when they thought their male peers would see their answers.
  • And if you think men are unfair, watch this: women prefer men from wealthy families more, while men don’t care that much. Also, women conspicuously prefer their race, while men don’t.
    To sum up, looks matter more to men and intelligence matters more to women, which is practically reflected in his life successes.

However, there’s an enigma that has opened up:

Why do women occasionally, if they love intelligent, successful men so much, choose someone less successful for sex?

Beautiful woman after toxic relationship

Partly, it’s about solving existential issues when a woman can focus on her preferences, so she chooses, for example, physically more attractive, rougher, dominant, muscular, handsome, and so on.

But for the most part, it’s about a woman choosing a man who has imposed himself as the best, (which is good news for these less successful, read-intelligent guys. Although even for this, top-notch intelligence is required). But it’s often a deception or an illusion.

However, if a man, no matter how successful he is, behaves too modestly or belittles himself in any way, ultimately, he no longer appears to be the best to a woman; that is, he behaves as if he knows something bad about himself. Because if he thought he was the best, he wouldn’t be modest, right? That’s why a successful, dear businessman often loses to Raul, the pool boy.

Let’s analyze the importance of men’s beauty and how it affects sexual desirability

Women prefer intelligence when thinking about long-term relationships and physical appearance when thinking about sex.

An intelligent man means access to resources, while an attractive man means good genes. Both are important for the child’s survival.

Man and woman in love

Here, it’s obviously about passing on good genes because good genes mean healthy offspring; however, as we’ve already said, resources accessible to an intelligent man mean the survival of that offspring.

This clearly indicates that if you want to be a very desirable sexual partner, you must score highly on both scales.

Even though this may not seem fair to you because it seems like a lot of work, it is somewhat fair due to the disproportionately greater role that women play in raising children (years and years of dealing with a child). Roughly, because she has a more significant stake, she also has the right to demand more.

Now, here are a few facts about what type of men do women choose for sex

  • The average hourly wage for men peaks in their mid-40s, making them the most attractive at that age, and decreases after 50 years, making them less appealing.

So don’t despair if you’re younger than that: your chance is yet to come.

  • Interestingly, as women age, their interest in male aesthetics decreases while their interest in male resources increases.
A beautiful woman

This rule is only different for women for whom their personal intelligence is very important, such as diligent students. They will always prefer intelligence over physical appearance. And for women for whom their personal physical appearance is very important, they will always prefer younger men because it makes them feel more desirable.

  • Older men naturally have the greatest access to resources.

The essence is that if you want to be more sexually attractive to women, you should look older.

So growing a beard is recommended, believe it or not. A beard relates to a man’s aging process and to widening the jaw, which symbolizes masculinity and is correlated with dominance and aggression. But it’s important to know that women reject large beards. They are too aggressive and dangerous, and the most attractive ones are those that are two weeks old because they are associated with maturity and masculinity.

  • It’s also useful to know that female sexual desire is quite contextual.
Man and woman in relationship

This means that the more respected he is in society, the more attractive he becomes. The more, for example, he has to offer in terms of entertainment, travel, parties, whatever—the more attractive he is. You always have to look at the context – the bigger picture.

  • Engage very cautiously in extreme sports (diving, off-road cycling, martial arts) (and be careful), because women are more attracted to men who participate in risky activities.

This is related to the center for fear and excitement. If you have scars, believe it or not, show them. Women will love to see them because they indicate that you have been in danger somewhere before and that you have successfully defended yourself. Context, as I said.

  • Use your body language in photos to become attractive.

Raised hands in the shape of V symbolize a winner or spread arms of someone who’s seizing (read dangerous). For women, that is exciting.

  • Look proud in photos and in person. It is the best choice.

A shy look goes well, but actually it often gives the impression: I’m never happy. Also, for some reason, overly happy men seem incompetent toward women.

Man and woman in relationship
  • If you have to choose between humor and seriousness, choose seriousness.

Humor works excellently, but severity is equally attractive to many women, even more so than humor.

  • Work on building muscles, but only a little, as with a beard.

Too many muscles are attractive for short-term sexual relationships, and for long-term relationships, a well-exercised, average muscular body is attractive.

  • Contextually express your status, interests and character traits. If you can, also show modesty.

Contextually, it would be: Someone is playing a French song near you.

Say something like: Whenever I go to France, I stop and listen to the street musicians. I love French music. But unfortunately, I don’t know how to play it.

You show status (you have money to travel often, (whenever you go). You show your interests, character (you like French music), and modesty (but you don’t know how to play).

  • Then, be kind to people around you when women are watching.

Because it carries the so-called halo effect, a bias where one aspect of personality spreads to the entire personality. For example, good-looking people are also good people. So, if you’re kind, you might miraculously become sexy.

  • Walk the dog if you want to sexually appeal to women in their most fertile period. Meaning between 25 and 35 years old.

Having a pet sends a signal that you are capable of nurturing and taking on long-term commitments.

  • And finally, present yourself as a man of high status.
Handsome man standing

Rent a car to get somewhere, rent luxury apartments, even talk about businesses, phones, watches, and so on. As they say, fake it till you make it. However, if you don’t have all that, the woman you’ve singled out and who likes you will see through you very quickly, unless she is in a very poor psychological condition.

Realistically, an overall suggestion would be to intensely focus on your physical appearance and develop in an area where you can prove your intelligence.

Whether in the scientific field, building a business, or climbing corporate ladders, it doesn’t matter much; only the type of women who will choose you will differ.

But if you cover both of these areas and, as I said, eliminate modesty so as not to diminish them, you will become an object of sexual desire.

And a fun fact for the end:

Get this: women talk about food in the same way men talk about sex. About diets, variety, what they cooked, where they had a lovely meal, etc. Men talk about sex by making statements like “what they would like but can’t,” “what they ate but shouldn’t have,” and other similar ones. Fun.

These two topics are favorite topics for both: men for how to reproduce and perpetuate the species, and women metaphorically how to survive.

Speaking of this, they asked Stephen Hawking, that genius scientist, what he constantly thinks about and would talk about all the time, expecting an answer: about astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and space-time bending, and he calmly replied: About women. I can think and talk about women all the time.

And that’s how it is.

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