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Why Do People Get Depressed During Winter?

The more in tune you are with nature, the more you may find a decline in your enthusiasm during the winter season. Unless you live in California. Then you’ll be ok 😊.

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Your natural processes pull you down, regardless of what the atmosphere around you suggests. I recommend listening to your body because it’s saving you.

It’s normal to feel sad, a little bit depressed, or to feel depression symptoms at this time of year. This is the season when everything calms down and fades away. So if you’re in tune with nature, despite the demands imposed on you, your body wants to calm down and sleep.

This descent and winter melancholy, reasonably and scientifically, are related to hormones. Specifically, with melatonin (the sleep hormone) that increases in the body, serotonin that decreases due to less sunlight, and finally, with the adjustment of the biological clock.

So, it can almost be said that the more in tune with nature you are, the more depressed you will be at this time of year.

Adopting this is essential so that you don’t psychologically torment yourself because your work enthusiasm, enthusiasm for people, happiness, movement, progress, and sometimes life have declined. There’s no need to torture yourself psychologically because something very natural is happening in your body.

Literally, your body is in tune with winter. And if you’re even somewhat in tune with nature, you must be in a phase of declining enthusiasm. In winter, trees become drier and yellow to survive. Bears go to sleep. Squirrels go to sleep. Your ancestors gathered around the fire and calmed down this time of year. No one was jumping around building houses… So, if you’re a bit like a squirrel, it’s normal to feel down and less enthusiastic now 🐿️😊.


I find it incredibly useful to understand how nature manages us.

These days, many clients contact me who can’t understand themselves and don’t understand why they feel depression symptoms. Everything around them is so cheerful, and everyone is in such a good mood… (except they’re not). But Coca-Cola has released the best commercials, the Kardashians decorate giant Christmas trees, concerts are being prepared, everyone in Christmas movies is euphoric, falling in love… But my clients feel sad. They just want to sleep and cry. They feel depressed from time to time and do not see the point in anything.

Living in a sunny environment, which boosts serotonin, probably has an impact on Kim Kardashian’s positive attitude. And most Christmas movies with that euphoric tone are thought up in some Hollywood studios, and then actors pretend to be incredibly happy at that moment.

But It’s far from reality, where we can’t fully understand how we can be so unhappy and drained at this beautiful time of year.

That’s because this isn’t a lovely time of year; it’s all an extensive, deliberately invented fabrication. But if we’re going to characterize this time of year in any way, we will say it should be quiet.

However, not being in tune with the happiness that is evident everywhere creates an additional issue that leads to serious self-doubt and the question, “What’s wrong with us?”

Indeed, it has to do with all the failures from the previous year and not having any plans for the following year. Also, we haven’t managed to do anything we wanted, and what’s the point of it all? But it’s not about that (except that your dear brain is trying to find a logical explanation for why you sank, suspecting everything else except what is really happening).

Depressed man

Feeling symptoms of depression at this time of year is quite normal and will pass with the increase in serotonin in the spring.

You sank because you were supposed to sink at this time of year. And that’s simply it.

It’s quite logical to calm down almost to hibernation or winter sleep at this time of year. And I’m not advocating that you be depressed and not be happy.

I advocate understanding that everything is okay with you, and there’s no need to torture yourself additionally. As I said, no matter how much they impose on you to be happy and euphoric… that contradicts the laws of nature. So you can freely be less happy and euphoric and push through the end of the year.

Give yourself a break, be good to yourself, and whenever you can, wrap yourself in a blanket and watch a mindless TV show. Hang out with fewer people, and be quiet if you feel like it. And once again, if you have the energy for joy, great! I’m happy for you… but this blog post is for those people who torture themselves with thoughts: What’s wrong with me? I should be happy and lively.


You can freely be disinterested if that suits you. And since your dear mind is looking for its explanation and logic (why you alone are not happy among so many happy people), give it to it.

Tell yourself: Now we have to be like this.

Nature is saving us from dying… because our ancestor, who enthusiastically ran out of the cave into the snow at this time of year, well, he died first.

Cave man

“…maybe I shouldn’t have been so enthusiastic at this time of year? Maybe I should have waited for winter to pass.”

Look, my dear, all those expectations are an artificial creation that has its meaning and reason (It is usually for marketing reasons. Ok, some of them genuinely aim to boost your low spirits).

Like, we’re ending the year, so we have to be happy and start the year happy… That’s a bit of superstition. Like those other things, we have to forgive and love each other. But besides, it is not quite realistic that it will happen at the end of the year. It’s also real that there is no time limit or date by which it has to be done (forgive and love each other). So, it doesn’t make much sense to be sad about not achieving something you imagined by December 31st. You can do it on May 9th or August 3rd… Imagine that.

Now, you need to understand yourself and forgive yourself for sinking and feeling depressed. As I said, find the strength within yourself to get through these days, weeks, and months. And be good to yourself. Please don’t torture yourself with sad thoughts.

Tell yourself: I’m not depressed. I’m in tune with nature.

If the bear is good to itself and doesn’t torture itself to go fishing, why would you torture yourself with expectations created by others and who knows where (in California). Those who can be happy at this time of year, let them rejoice. But those who can’t—be gentle and good to yourselves. A nice glass of wine, a pillow, and a blanket. Immerse yourself in your state and wait for this time of year to pass so that enthusiasm will naturally reappear in you. Just don’t harm yourself in any way, not with thoughts, actions, or emotions.

Love you. Dee

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