Psychological insights on relationships: rejections, breakups, making relationships happy, unhealthy dynamics, and general psychology.

About Me

I am Dee Penco, a psychologist and relationship counselor. I assist people in improving their interpersonal relationships and helping them better understand them.

In the Balkans (my home region), I am the most popular advisor in the fields of psychology and relationships (e.g., 162K on YouTube , with hundreds of thousands of views per video and tens of millions of views in total.). I have also written and successfully sold several books.

My popularity stems solely from:

providing people with quality, practical, life-applicable, and understandable advice.

It also comes from my constant efforts to improve things. Either relationships or, if we can’t fix the relationship, then we deal with how an individual perceives it.

I work full-time as an advisor, and when not working, I am married to a group psychoanalyst (great conversations!). I am a mother, animal lover, and homemaker, striving to create a warm family atmosphere.

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